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Welcome at the portal dedicated to the best game ever – blackjack! Blackjack is not just a type of gambling games, blackjack is the card game, complexity of which can be compared probably only with poker and even chess. If you want to succeed in blackjack game you do not need to be strong but you need to be clever and quick-witted. If you do not have these qualities do not be upset! You can develop them with us and practicing the game!

Do you prefer playing blackjack in casino online or land-based gambling house? Today the first variant of gambling is more popular, as no one wants to lose precious time on trip to casino. Besides, online gambling allows you to play casino game when you really want it, even when you at boring meeting or even have fun with your friends at some party. Of course online gambling has some drawbacks but you will hardly something with is ideal, don’t you? But no matter how you prefer to play, the objective and rules of this game do not differ. Just find out how to play blackjack inatogel, what the perfect strategies of this game are, learn them and you may start you game! You really are to know blackjack rules to play the game correctly and blackjack strategies to win playing it. Do not think that 21 is one of those games, where you just need to be lucky. No. Blackjack gives the possibility to win even those who are the unhappiest people all over the world. But to that they have to put some efforts. At least, they (as well as those who consider themselves to be lucky) should keep in mind their bankroll and remember that it is so important to manage and what odds of your winning blackjack are.

Basic Strategy

Every blackjack strategist knows this system by heart and successfully uses it both in land-based and online casinos.

Card counting

Card counting is very difficult to use for blackjack online but still it works perfectly for this game.

Blackjack Cheating

Many methods of cheating blackjack exist but not all of them perfectly work for gamblers.

Big black jack game is the perfect one for making money! But a gambler should not forget about the aspects which sometimes believed to be not very significant ones such as blackjack game tips and recommendations or blackjack etiquette. PerfectBlackjack is aimed to get you acquainted with all important things which must be known be all players who want to succeed at the game, not to lose there. We also recommend you to watch education video on blackjack game! Watch it attentively and soon you will be well-awared of all Basic blackjack moves and you’ll succeed in your gambling more!

Blackjack game has also one more point which is at the top of importance. As blackjack is the game, which requires coordination of actions of dealer and player, you should know some things, which are known by dealer too. Knowing card values you will understand the game situation better and your battle with dealer will be even more interesting. Do not forget about them to know everything, and then you will be ready for big winnings!

Most Famous Casinos

# Casino Name USA Points Bonus Cash
1. Rushmore Casino USA OK 10 $777
2. Go Casino Casino USA OK 10 £100
3. Win Palace Casino USA OK 9 $200
4. Sloto'Cash Casino USA OK 6 $175
5. Club USA Casino USA OK 6 £100