Blackjack Basic Strategy

Most of the casinos have some specify rules and regulations for the blackjack game because they want to serve the better opportunities for their clients and they want to bind all the casinos in same rule. For the past time the blackjack gamblers were played through casinos tables and that was the restriction but at this time people of all over the world can play through the online in same casino tables. So the casino owners had to include the software that people can easily operate that and continue their gambling.

The fundamental blackjack approach is stand on analysis of arithmetic and it is true that most of the players want to split or double down while positive and get paid as 3:2 for the blackjack. For the fundamental strategy the dealer obey the rule to stand on 17 points or above and cant double down otherwise split as well as they only earn 1:1 for the blackjack.

Reality is that there is more than 35% chances to burst for the dealer if he/she gets the 3 to 6 as face-card. At this time what to do? If you see this situation and you get the 13 or 16 point you should stand. On the other hand, if your dealer contains 7 to 10 otherwise an ace then you should hit for another card. If your dealer contains 10 valued cards then the dealer's hand must beat you.

There may some casinos which are using different rules in blackjack and now those are given below that you can easily know about those.

General Strategy

  • You need to stand on 17 points or higher points.
  • You have to hit while you are 12-16 and your dealer is 7 or higher points.
  • You have to hit on 8 point or less point.

Doubling Down Policy

  • You have to double down while 11 but need not to do that if your dealer has an ace.
  • While your dealer's face-card is 9 or less then you have to double down10.
  • Double down your card while your dealer's face-card is 6 or less.

Soft Hands Policy

  • You need to stand on 19 or 20 points.
  • While dealer's face-card is 4 to 6 and your soft hand is 13-18 then you have to double down.