Blackjack Card Counting

We do not need to say that blackjack is the card game where decks of 52 cards are used. Several cards have several values. There are four sets of 52 cards and every set has 13 cards. What is the value of the cards? For every set of the cards there are 2-9 cards which are valued by their serial number.

The tens and the photos (king, queen and jack) are 10 valued. The aces are valued of 1 and 11.While your first card is an ace then the ace card will be 11 valued and after 10 valued cards your third card is an ace then the ace will be counted by 1.

Counting of the cards

You should know the values of the cards and playing rules and regulations and then you have to play the blackjack. You should clearly know that the blackjack is played 21 points and in this game 21 is the height point. First, while you will get the face-card then you have to begin value counting and basis on this card you have to bet. At that time you have to take decision about hitting for other card if you feel need. At a time you have to stand for the deal.

There is no cheating for this game because this game is basis on luck and you have to depend on it. You have to gain the points of 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 because these points are counting as winning points.

Basics of Blackjack

The basic counting is considered by high count. For the players the tens and the aces are always welcome and in this case, for the face-card the dealer will usually want to have 4, 5 or 6 because through these cards they will be able to hit 12-13 times. There are huge opportunities to have the blackjack if the face-card is 10 or an ace and these cards are very important to double.

Ten cards are really essential to make a high bet though the dealer has also a 10 card. Card counting will help you reach a calculation of values of the cards and this system is called by "running count".


The back counting is called by "wonging" and the person who has first proposed for this his name is Stanford Wong so the back counting is named basis on his name. This counting system is that while a player enters in a game and begins to hit for a favorable point that he should make a bet basis on that point. Some players still stay the table in anticipation of the deal is shuffled and they can leave the deal if they see that they will not be able to get advantage from that deal.