Blackjack Cheating

These cheating methods are not intended to teach players about cheating in the game, these terms are for helping people to prevent cheating while playing the game. When you are playing the blackjack then you can spot the cheaters in the game, you can stop them to do cheating in the game. Some of the hugely used cheating techniques are briefly given below:

Marking Cards

Players can mark the cards to count the cards easily. If the dealer gets the marked card then you will know the exact card value of the dealer down card so the player can decide the total point of the dealer hand and if the player has greater point than the dealer then the player can stand or double down to win double in the game. Players can mark the cards with sharp nails of their fingers and to prevent the card marking, casinos usually change the cards after every round.


In this technique, 2 persons will need, one have to play the game and other person has to stand behind the dealer to check the down card of dealer and after getting the down card point, the person transfers it to the player by secret signaling.

Switching Cards

Switching cards is another cheating technique in blackjack and in the movie THE STING this technique is used to cheat with the casino but in real life this is impossible to cheat with the video cameras and security of the casino. To perform this cheating, the player has to play multiple hands at a time then switch the cards of different hands to win in the game.


This is a team work, one player has to distract the dealer and other player can exchange the cards but it is really impossible to do in the modern casinos because there are always high security to prevent the cheats and the large number of video cameras to check the players in most possible corners.

Computer devices

This device can help the player to count the cards with perfect card counting technique and this method was first told by Ken Uston who was a famous blackjack player of blackjack history. Casinos do allow using any devices while playing blackjack and if they catch the players with a device then they will hand over the player to the police without having any talk.

Dealer Cheating

Players can fix the dealer to work with their favor but this is not a perfect cheating terms because casinos always check their dealers and if they make any mistake, the dealer has to give notice to the casinos about the mistake and if the casinos find out that the dealer is doing mistake regularly then they will change the dealer and if they catch the dealer works for the favor of a player then the dealer has to pay the amount to the house and he or she will be fired and worst he or she can be hand over to the police.