Blackjack Moves

There are a large number of moves in blackjack and that is a plus point of the game. You can choose your move by analyzing your hand and that can help you to choose the best move for each hand. if you can change your move after every card you get, then you can choose the best move for the winning point of the game and that can change the result of the game in broad way and you can win a lot more than usual.

You have to know that different options of blackjack that are also known as the player's moves can increase your winning odds and if you can use the moves perfectly then you will win a lot than you expect. If you can not use those moves for your favor or you do not know how to use them well then you can lose in the game for choosing wrong move for a hand. There are many options or moves in blackjack and most common of them are the hit, stand, split, double down, surrender, insurance etc and you will get a brief description of these moves or options below:

Hit and Stand

These are the most common terms of blackjack and you have to use these terms for every round you play the game. If you do not want an extra card then you can call the stand but if you want an extra card you can call the hit and the dealer will deal you an extra card. In the land based traditional casinos you can not talk but indicate by moves. For stand, you have to move your hand over the cards of yours. For the hit, you can point your cards or motion your fingers and then dealer will deal you an extra card.

Double Down and Split

For splitting your cards, you have to get a pair that means you have to get 2 cards with same point. You can play with separate hands until you have got a hand with useful points. There are some other terms to split a pair and you have to learn about this from some articles that are based on the splitting of blackjack.

Double down means double your betting amount and this is a popular move or option of blackjack. When you have a great hand then you can call the double down and your initial betting amount will be double and in blackjack you can call the double down only after getting the 1st 2 cards but there are some casinos who will allow double down after 3 or 4 cards.