Blackjack Rules as Earnest Of Success

Blackjack stands out in a huge amount of casino gambling games owing to the fact that it is considered as a game of skill mainly, and the role of luck is not crucial for blackjack players' results. In other words, gamblers could easily achieve success if know blackjack rules, how to apply blackjack strategies cards in practice and how to avoid blackjack cheating.

Blackjack basics

Blackjack is rather logical and rational kind of gambling games and in order to become a blackjack expert one should know all rules of the game in all details.

There are a lot of variations of blackjack, which could vary significantly in their regulations and particular features, but the whole sense of the game always remains the same: players need to play their hands in such way, so eventually their card combination would be worth more points than the dealer's one. The upper acceptable limit of points quantity is 21 (the second name for blackjack, by the way) and if you try too hard and exceed the limit, then you are considered a loser.

Usually, blackjack rules for a dealer are strictly determined in casino policy while players are free to make a few kinds of bets, discover more at

Player's playing options

There are several blackjack moves, among which gamblers should make a choice:

  • Hit/stand are the most common players' decisions in blackjack game. Hitting implies that a gambler takes one more card to his/her hand while standing means that players consider that the initial set of two cards is enough for winning and refrain from any actions.
  • There are special hand signals that are widely used in blackjack game so that players could indicate what choice they have made. The systems of signals vary essentially from one game version to other and are actually implemented in order that dealer would not be confused about gamblers' bets.

    For instance, in face-up blackjack to inform other gamblers that you choose to hit, you need to tap the table at the bottom of your cards; while in face-down game, when your cards are hidden from other gamblers, you just scrape the table with the cards.

  • Double down is an option that could be done regarding only player's initial two cards. To double means that you increase your bet value twice as high and get one more card to your hand. Doubling is recommendable just in certain situations, which you could look through in blackjack basic strategy's charts. For instance, when gamblers have 11 points on their hand originally it is worth doubling for sure as taking another card could only improve their combination rising up its value up to 21, but not higher.
  • Split is acceptable only for the situations, when players have cards of equal rank at the very beginning and desire to divide them, add one more card to each of divisions and play two hands separately.
  • Surrender is one of the least common blackjack moves and means that players keep their initial two cards hoping that their value would be higher than the dealer's one.