Terms & Conditions

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2. Play the casino games of the casino is legal for those people who lived in an area where gambling is legal for the age of 18 or higher but if gambling is illegal in the player's arena then players from that arena are not allowed to play games in this site.

3. Every player must have the age to start the gambling and this age will be measured by the resident of the players. This age can be 18 or 21 but the player must satisfy the age of his or her resident first. We also have an age limitation for our players and the players have to be over 21 years old for entering in our website and there is no consideration for applying the age law.

4. A player can have a single account only and if you have multiple accounts then all your account will be closed. If you open multiple accounts with different personal details and we have found that then you will not receive the winnings that you have already won and all the withdrawals will also be cancelled.

5. This site will never provide any warranty or guarantee for the games and services of us all for staffs, employees, distributors, wholesalers, licensees, advertising, promotions, other, agencies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, retailers and these partners have the authority to provide the guarantee or warranty.

6. Employees or staffs of the Casino, its licensees, wholesalers, affiliates, distributors, subsidiaries, promotions, other agencies, advertising, media partners, retailer and members of the instant families are not allowed for the promotions and services of this site.

7. All the games of our collections are for entertaining only and you will not need to purchase the games to play and you can play without real money betting if want so. When you are playing the real money betting casino games then that are your responsibility either you win or lose and you can't blame us for your losing amount. When you are playing then you ensure that all these games of this site are not objectionable, unfair, offensive or indecent.

8. You can use the services, products, and content of this site for entertainment and personal use only, using these services or content for business purpose is illegal.

9. When you win a game and accept the winnings then you allow us to use your name for our advertising programs without your permission.