Blackjack Card Values

The blackjack is a table game where 52 cards are used.

  • cards are in valued of card's serial number
  • The kings, queens, jacks as well as 10s are 10 valued
  • The aces there are 1 or 11 values.

If you have already 10 points card and your second card is an ace then the ace will be counted by 1 point. If your first card is less than 10 and your second card is an ace then the ace will be counted 11 and if your first card is an ace the first card will also be counted by 11 points.


Blackjack is combined of an ace and a picture (king, queen and jacks) or ten valued card such as AK, AQ etc.

Rules of Playing

Blackjack is considered by mathematical counting where 21 is height point. So, you should keep in mind that you have to play within 21 points. If you get over 21 points then the deal will be busted and you will normally loss the deal. Otherwise, if you get the 21 points then you will win the deal.

First, your dealer will serve one card for each player and basis on this card you have to bet the deal. Then you have to hit for other card and now you have to calculate your point. Which points are winning points? There are no fixed rules about the winning points and you just consider your fate.

If you through the several casinos blackjack playing then you will be cleared that most of the winning points are begin from 17 to 21. So you should reach one of those points. You have to hit until you don't get one of those points. If your dealer gets the same point like you then the deal will go under draw settlement.

If you get the blackjack then your winning cash will be varied basis on your betting because all of the casinos have some fixed price for the blackjack owners. If you have a blackjack and your dealer has also blackjack then the deal will also go by draw settlement.

Betting is the most critical parts of this game so you have to be careful before betting. Though you are new in this game but you will be able to be a good player if you through the casinos for blackjack.